Ontario College of Teachers Election

The Ontario College of Teachers is electing a new College Council this year. Online electronic voting will begin on March 5th, and closes on April 10th. Results will be announced April 12th. To vote, simply log into the Members Area of the College of Teachers website and you'll be presented with a ballot.

There is one position you'll be able to vote for where you have the chance to elect someone to College Council who will understand and represent the issues of occasional teachers. That is the “Southcentral Region Part-time/Full-time” position. Each region has two positions: full-time only, and the part-time/full-time position (part-time in this context includes occasional teachers). The part-time/full-time regional positions are the only positions which allow occasional teachers to have direct representation on College Council.

Niagara occasional teacher Mark Carter is a candidate for the Southcentral Region Part-time/Full-time position, and we encourage you to vote for him. Mark can bring to the College of Teachers a genuine understanding of the realities of being an occasional teacher. He has served on your Local Executive in many capacities for the past seven years, and we're confident that he will quite capably represent your interests at the College of Teachers. His election web site is at http://octelection.markcarter.info.

For more information on the College Council election, visit http://election.oct.ca

Collective Bargaining Update - March 6

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