2014 Collective Bargaining Survey

In order to negotiate the best agreement for our members your Collective Bargaining Committee needs your help!  Your union is a democratic member-driven organization, and your opinions matter.

It is important that all our members complete the survey so we can utilize your input in developing preliminary submission language for our next round of negotiations. All questions are optional. However, to best serve you we would appreciate if you could answer all the questions to the best of your knowledge or choose the options that are the closest to your personal situation. All answers and information you provide are strictly confidential.  You can access our current Collective Agreement at contract.niagaraot.org if you'd like to refer to it as you complete the survey.

This round of bargaining is a bit different than previous years. We've had two rounds of bargaining now where local bargaining was severely curtailed by events at the provincial level (such as Bill 115 last year). However, we now have Bill 122, the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act (SBCBA). SBCBA promises two tiers of independent bargaining... provincial and local. So theoretically we'll have a better opportunity to focus on items identified by the members in this round. It also means that a number of key issues such as compensation and hiring related to Regulation 274 will be dealt with at the provincial table.  While this CB survey tries to focus on bargaining at the Local level, rest assured that we will be working hard within ETFO to ensure that your interests are well-represented when it comes to central bargaining items as well.

All that being said, we have two past preliminary submissions to draw upon, and we don't know yet what the central bargaining issues will be. So our CB survey this time around is shorter and more focused on drawing on your experiences in the classroom and more generally as an employee of DSBN.