Collective Agreement 2019-2022

This is your contract. Read it, know it. Keep it with you, and don't be afraid to assert yourself and insist on the working conditions we've negotiated for occasional teachers.

Niagara OT Collective Agreement 2019-22

If you have a collective agreement question it's probably most efficient to contact with your question. The collective agreement is split into two parts: Part A is the Central agreement that is common across the province. Part B, which starts on page 46, is our Local agreement which is DSBN specific.

LTO Pay Grid 
Note that if you do not have a QECO rating on file with HR at the beginning of an LTO, then you will be paid at category A1. As soon as you begin work with DSBN you should apply for a QECO rating and submit it to HR.

DSBN Interim Hiring Guidelines 2021

Regulation 274/12: Hiring Practices

Regulation 274 Fact-Finders' Report

Provincial OT Evaluation Framework and Template
This is the document, used as is, which governs 4-month or longer LTO evaluations.  An evaluation is only required in the first LTO of 4 months or longer.  PRS Matters re: LTO Evaluations
Note that now that Reg 274 is no longer in effect, neither is the LTO Evaluation (which was part of Reg 274).

Professional Development Fund Reimbursement Form
You can claim $300 per school year (July 1st to June 30th) towards AQ courses or other PD expenses you incur.

Local Constitution
Last amended at the 5/29/18 Local AGM.

Local Policies and Procedures
Last amended at the December 2019 Local Executive meeting.

Local Executive Nomination Form
In an election year, or between elections if there has been a call to fill vacancies, this is the form you use to express interest and to nominate yourself to serve on the Local Executive.

Career Milestones Recognition Program
Complete this form to be honoured at our Annual Meeting when you reach a career milestone.

Pay Schedule

Letter stating definition of Professional Reference
This is a letter you can give to any teacher who is uncertain whether they're allowed to provide you with a reference letter.  It provides the definition of Professional Reference agreed to by both DSBN and the Local.

DSBN Memo to Principals re: OT Prep Time

Shortchanging Ontario Students: An overview and assessment of education funding in Ontario

It's Elementary: A History of ETFO

Cool School Award nomination form

Local Committee Application Form

PRS Matters Bulletins - Advice for Members

ETFO Reference Book

Welcome to ETFO book

The Heart and Art of Teaching book

Foundations of Professional Practice
This document sets out the ethical standards and standards of practice for the teaching profession in Ontario.

Hidden Dangers of Electronic Communications
This is a must-read, prepared by ETFO legal counsel.

ETFO Human Rights Statement

Copyright Matters!  A guide to Canadian copyright for teachers.

Working Conditions: Experiences of Elementary and Secondary Teachers in Ontario's Schools

OCT Transition to Teaching study

Daily Occasional Teacher Evaluation Forms

OT Daily Work Record
OT Daily Work Record with sample entries

DSBN MWJHSC Terms of Reference

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