New Website!

As you'll have already noticed, I've rolled out a new version of It looks a bit different, but you can still access all of our content using the menu on the right. (Our old site is still accessible, at

Apart from the cosmetic changes, there are a couple of interesting new features. First, our website now has an RSS feed to which you can subscribe. This will let you view new content to the site using a feed aggregator such as Google Reader. Another new feature is the tumblelog. A tumblelog is a blog intended for short entries. You can read more about the concept here, but the short explanation is that the Executive will post updates about various things in the tumblelog which don't necessarily merit a newsletter article or Yahoo group announcement.

What really merited the site update, though, are the behind-the-scene features. The new site is based on the Blogger platform, and what that means is that any Executive member will be able to edit the site and add content quite easily. While it's been handy to have me as our resident geek, the new site should be less dependent on me (in other words, if I get hit by the proverbial bus, the web site won't come to a crashing halt). I expect that the richness of our content will increase as the other Executive members become familiar with the system and begin adding material.

Enjoy the new site. If you have any feedback or suggestions for content, feel free to e-mail me.