ETFO's position on Full-Day Kindergarten

Please view the above message from Sam Hammond, President of ETFO Provincial. In it, he outlines ETFO's position on full-day kindergarten, and our concerns about the government's plan to have certified teachers only teach half-day kindergarten, and non-certified personnel in charge of students for the remainder of the school day.

As Sam points out, if we allow this to happen in kindergarten, it sets the precedent for it to happen in any grade.

For more information on the full-day kindergarten issue, click here.

UPDATE: Success!

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Mark Carter, OCT said...

Apologies to "Mr. E", I accidentally deleted your comment. Here it is:

I will agree that if we let non-teachers teach kindergarten students, what is to stop them from teaching the other grades.

While ECE's could perform a valuable service, who would assess, evaluate, and report on the progress of the kindergarten students?

In the Pascal report, Mr. Pascal calls on special qualifications for teachers who wish to teach kindergarten and a new extended all-day primary program. For me, that means that my primary-junior education degree would only be useful to teach students in grades four, five, and six.