Contracts imposed...

The Minister of Education has exercised powers she gave herself under Bill 115 to impose contracts (though "contract" probably isn't the right word, as a contract is agreed to by two parties) on all education workers.

More information on what these "contracts" contain is here.  They're supposed to last for two years, although the legitimacy of those "contracts" is certainly in question.  It appears that all bargaining efforts specific to our Local issues are dead in the water.

After exercising powers which blatantly violate rights granted by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Minister also announced she will repeal Bill 115 by Order In Council before the end of the month.  So, after violating rights granted to us by the highest law in the land, she's now trying to burn traces of the Bill that allowed her to "legally" do that; she's trying to stymie the legal challenges to Bill 115 that would have resulted in it being overturned, and is trying to avoid being held accountable by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Please read the Message to ETFO Members that's posted on by President Hammond.

As any/more information becomes available, we'll make it available here.  For the time being ETFO members should continue to push the pause button on voluntary activities.