Work to Rule Protocol

Work to Rule protocols can be found at
You can also download a PDF with all current WTR protocols here.

(All phases of WTR are cumulative, so for example Phase 2 added additional struck work while Phase 1 remained in effect.)

Please remember that the point of work to rule is to inconvenience management without us having to go out picketing. This is not the time to be giving up prep periods and accepting additional supervision time. Stick to your contract: you are to have the same timetable as the teacher you're replacing.

The point of any withdrawal of services is to increase pressure on the other side by causing inconvenience. Please adhere to our collective agreement and politely decline if asked to give up your prep period or take on additional supervision duties. When you agree to those things you're usually helping to solve a problem for an administrator, which is counterproductive during a work to rule. Just say "I'm sorry, our union is on work to rule and that would also violate my collective agreement." If there's any pushback, tell them to contact and then let me know what was said to you.

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